Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Paksat 1R satellite launched by China reaches test orbit:

Paksat 1R satellite launched by China reaches test orbit:

China on Tuesday said the communications satellite it launched for Pakistan has reached the test orbit. PAKSAT-1R, which was launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in the southwestern China's Sichuan Province on Aug 12, entered its test orbit on Sunday and will soon begin an in-orbit test, China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) said on Tuesday. The satellite is expected to enter its final orbit located at 38 degrees east longitude before delivery to Pakistan, citing CGWIC, Xinhua news agency reported. The satellite's construction and launch were funded by China. It is China's first in-orbit delivery to Asian customers and also the first commercial satellite export to international users this year. The contract for the PAKSAT-1R was signed in 2008 between the CGWIC and the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission of Pakistan. PAKSAT-1R will provide a range of services, including broadband Internet, telecom and broadcasting, covering regions in Europe, South Asia, Middle East, and eastern Africa. China and Pakistan share a long history of space technology cooperation. Pakistan's first low- orbit satellite, BADR-A, was launched by China in 1990, carried by the Long March 2E rocket.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Iran to launch QAEM satellite in 2017.

Iran plans to launch a domestically built telecommunications satellite, named QAEM in 2017. QAEM will weigh around 1800kg at launch and will have 15 years in- orbit lifetime.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

List of Pakistani TV Channels

*This is a list of television stations in Pakistan. Television in Pakistan was introduced in 1964.
Urdu/English channels
Business Plus
¤Channels for overseas Pakistanis
Mashriq TV
Prime TV
PTV Global
Venus TV
¤Community television
Asset Plus
Ujala TV
Virtual Television
A Plus
ARY Digital
Dhoom TV
Geo TV
Hum TV
Indus Vision
PTV Home
PTV National
TVOne Global
ARY Zauq
Masala TV
Wikkid Plus
¤Lifestyle and fashion
Index TV
Style 360
Vibe TV
City 42
Fun TV
Metro One
Miscellaneous channels
Ameen TV
Chalta TV
Fun TV
Good News TV
Health TV
Info TV
Kohenoor TV
Mahboob Television Network (MTN)
Music Station
Noor TV
R World
Roshni TV
Rung TV
Sohni Dharti
Sun Biz
Today News
Value TV
Zam TV Network
Aag TV
ARY Musik
G Kaboom
Kashish TV
MTV Pakistan
Indus Music
Oye TV
Play TV
Film World
Silver Screen
Aaj News
ARY News
Channel 5
Dawn News
Din News
Dunya News
E Pakistan News
Express News
Express 24/7
Geo News
Indus News
News One
PTV News
Royal News
Such TV
Waqt News
Ahlebait TV
Azan TV
Hadi TV
Haq TV
Labbaik TV
Madani Channel
Geo Super
¤Youth Entertainment
Aag TV
¤Regional channels
Awaz TV
Awaz News TV
Dharti TV Network
Hakimjans Rahi News
Kashish TV
KTN News
Metro41 TV
Mehran TV
Sindh TV
Sindh TV News
Sujawal TV
Apna Channel
Apna News
Bali TV
Kook TV
Panjnad Television Network
Punjab TV
Punjabi TV (UK & USA)
Roohi TV
Waseeb TV
PTV Bolan
SabzBaat TV
VSH News
Waajh TV
Hidayat TV - Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, Bradford, U.K
Pothwari TV - Islamabad, New Mirpur
Hazara TV - Hindko Language channel from Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad
Shamal TV - Hindko Language Channel from Abbottabad, Mansehra
AVT Khyber
Khyber News
International channels
¤Main article: List of English language television channels in Pakistan
AXN Pakistan
Animax Pakistan
DM Digital
HBO Pakistan
Star Asia
WB Channel Pakistan
FTV Pakistan
Cartoon Network Pakistan
Nickelodeon Pakistan
BBC World News South Asia
CNBC Pakistan
CNN International South Asia
IRA News
IRA Urdu
MTV Pakistan
VH1 Pakistan
Ten Sports
ESPN Pakistan
¤Future channels
Aaj Entertainment
Aruj TV
Aljazeera Urdu (ARY Digital Network)
BBC Urdu
City 51
Dr. TV
Dunya Entertainment
Engr. TV
Express Entertainment (Express Media Network)
Express Music (Express Media Network)
E Pakistan TV (E Pakistan News Group)
Geo Kids (Geo Television Network)
Geo English (Geo Television Network)
Health Channel
Herald News (Dawn Media Group)
Herald Entertainment (Dawn Media Group)
Sahar TV (Dawn Media Group)
Frontline TV (Dawn Media Group)
Jinnah TV
Mashal TV
Mirror TV
Pakistan Children Television
PTV English
PTV Sports
Roze TV
Sachal TV
Sachal Music TV
Sanjh TV
Sohni Dharti
View Line
Waaj TV

Friday, 2 September 2011

Arabsat-5C & SES 2 launch delay!

Arianespace has decided to postpone the next Ariane-5 mission with ARABSAT 5A & SES 2 satellites in order to make supplemantary checks on the ESC-A cryogenic stage. New launch date is 16 September 2011.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

PAKSAT-1R to play important role in socio-economic development

ISLAMABAD: Communication satellite, PAKSAT-1R, launched by Pakistan will not only play important role in socio-economic development of the country but will also provide educational opportunities, better health services, stimulate private sector business and investment.Oh Communication satellite will provide telecom operators and government, a cost effective way to extend essential telecom services to the farthest corners of the country.Oh Developing countries around the world face an acute shortage of medical professionals and situation is worst in rural areas of such countries, which often lack communicationinfrastructure.Oh Today, communication satellites are being employed the world over, to offer tele-medicine services in rural communities to improve access to medical care, enhance its quality, provide earlier diagnosis and treatment and improve the health care delivery.Oh By enabling physicians to consult with their peers, have access to specialists, and continue their education, tele-medicine could also increase the number of physicians located in rural areas.Oh Giving further details, Secretary SUPARCO Arshad H Siraj said, “This satellite will also help to increase diversity and access to educational programs by providing opportunities for adult community education and in- service teacher training”.Oh He said world has now entered a new era called the information society. This era is marked by dramatic technological developments in computers, electronic media and telecommunications and growing aspects of information in all aspects of human life.Oh Access to the information and the facilities, to produce, store and transmit information is now considered vital to development.Oh In this race between information needs and new information capabilities, communication satellites give the ability to compete and maximise the use of limited resources towards an expanding population.Oh For Pakistan, satellites are not only a communication tool, rather a unique opportunity to bring meaningful change in the lives of its citizen.Oh Realizing the importance of extending the benefits of information revolution to rural communities, governments the world over are implementing innovative universal services programs in the areas of communication, health care, education and governance.Oh Communication satellites have become an integral part of all such programs extending their reach to the remotest corners of the world and providing reliable and cost effective means of extending the benefits of information revolution to people living in these timesOh Secretary SUPARCO said under the vision 2040 of Pakistan’s Space program, many more satellites will be launched, which will help to improve socio-economic condition of the country.Oh As far as launch of spaceship is concerned, he said, no such planning is in consideration, and focus is to launch more communication satellites.Oh PAKSAT-1R was successfully launched on August 12, 2011 and will start its commercial operations in October 2011.Oh It is a great milestone in the field of Science and Technology for the people of Pakistan and a big step towards the economic prosperity of the country.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Russia loses newly launched telecom satellite

The Associated Press MOSCOW

Russia's space agency says it has lost contact with a communications satellite shortly after its launch. The Express-AM4 satellite was launched early Thursday atop a Proton-M booster rocket from the Russia-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Federal Space Agency said in a statement that the booster itself worked fine, but a subsequent failure of the additional upper stage, the Briz- M, resulted in the loss of communications with the satellite. It said efforts are being taken to re-establish contact with the 5.8- ton (6.38-ton) craft described by officials as Russia's most powerful telecommunications satellite. The Briz-M upper stage has suffered several previous failures, most recently in February when its malfunction led to the loss of a Russian military satellite.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Long March-3B orbits Paksat-1R

Long March-3B orbits Paksat-1R Long March-3B satellite carrier successfully launched PAKSAT 1R communications spacecraft for Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Lift-off occured at 16:15 GMT from Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China. PAKSAT 1R weighed 5115kg at launch and is based on DFH-4 [DongFangHong-4] platform with 18Ku and 12 C band transponders onbaord. PAKSAT 1R will be brought into geosynchronous orbit in next days. After completion of in-orbit testsat 33.5 East it will be stationed on its final orbital position at 38 East. PAKSAT 1R is planned to be in service for 15 years according to info given by China Great Wall Industry Corporation.